Be alert and prepare for a break, not breakages, this Christmas!


At 4Sight Risk Partners, we wanted to provide you with five (5) quick tips to help safeguard your business and its crucial data during the Holiday Season. So your start to 2024 can be a smooth one, without any delays or additional costs.

Please share these tips with all individuals involved in your business to help everyone enjoy a well-deserved break.

1. Shut down devices:

Ensure that all computers and laptops are properly shut down. This simple yet effective Cyber risk management tool prevents dormant viruses from infiltrating your network and operating systems—a crucial step often overlooked by many individuals and businesses.

2. Mobiles off at night:

Power down your mobile phone at night instead of letting it automatically turn off. Cyber criminals often target phones left powered on at night, attempting to infiltrate your business operating systems when your phone syncs or connects to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Clear office/sites:

Remove flammable rubbish, overhanging vegetation, and externally stored equipment and stock from your office / sites. This includes relocating empty pallets from beside buildings. This precautionary measure prevents vandals from causing damage, accessing vulnerable points in buildings like the roof, and ensures protection during storm season (which has started early in both NSW and QLD, Australia).

4. Pick up mail/deliveries:

Regularly have mail and deliveries removed, especially during extended shut-down periods. A buildup of mail signals that premises are unoccupied, giving potential criminals the impression that they have ample time to plan a break-in.

5. Manage all maintenance:

If maintenance or construction work is underway during your shut-down period, ensure end-of-day inspections are completed and properly signed off. This includes cooling and proper risk procedures for welding and hot work, removal and secure storage of soiled and oily rags, shutdown of all power and machinery, and verification of site security. Additionally, confirm that maintenance contractors on-site have adequate and current insurances, such as Public Liability and Workers Compensation, for the safety of personnel and property.

We hope these simple tips will contribute to a productive start to 2024.

For our clients, we look forward to the ongoing opportunity to protect you and your unique business throughout the coming year. To other business leaders, please feel free to reach out if we can help grow your confidence that you have the right protection for your next chapter.

From Gareth and all the team at 4Sight Risk Partners.


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