Our Approach

Our clients have greater business
protection and confidence.

We achieve this via 4Sight Risk Partners ‘IQ-ARTA’ Business Risk framework,
which is supported by 75 years of global risk expertise:

Avoiding (A)

Identifying business process improvements that reduce the chance of impacting events.

Reducing (R)

Identifying threats and their consequences by introducing processes to mitigate them. 

Transferring (T)

Developing transfer strategies, such as insurance or contractual transfer to other parties.

Accepting (A)

Commercial evaluation that identified risk is financially manageable and/or highly unlikely to occur.   

We are focused on managing clients risk profiles, providing trusted advice as well as practical and realistic solutions, so our clients can make informed business decisions and experience….   

  • Insurance premiums aligned to your risk (severity & likelihood). 
  • Reduced chance that your business may be the target of legal action from an injured party.   
  • Reduced (uninsured) financial losses. 
  • Reduced business downtime and/or injuries.   
  • Operate a more profitable business.  

To achieve this for you and your unique business, we offer a range of services including:

  • Policy Review and Renewal 
  • Business Risk Assessment and ‘IQ-ARTA’ Report 
  • Opportunity Assessment, for new business and growth opportunities
    (specialising in mergers and acquisitions).   
  • Risk Consulting & Benchmarking  
  • Expert Witness Reports & Consulting – for lawyers & Investment Analysts

Client payment methods include:

  • At time of policy  
  • Premium Funding payment plans  
  • Annual Fee based on agreed scope of services 
  • Specialist Hourly Consulting Rate