Aged Care & Allied Health

Our Aged Care and Allied Health clients have greater business confidence and improved risk appetite as we ensure their insurance solutions, procedures and incident reporting comply with the different State and Federal regulations; as well as insurers requirements. 

We look to support our clients and their personnel when something inevitably goes awry. Understanding they manage a range of clinical and business risks, both from a regulatory basis and from civil actions. These actions can arise in a civil matter, or in defense of a criminal matter; such as allegations of sexual misconduct, reportable deaths, incidents etc. Defense costs or being properly represented in a formal inquiry can be financially crippling and stressful.  

We are experienced in the range of specifically designed insurance solutions for this industry and provide our clients peace of mind, balance sheet protection; as well as protection of personal assets.

In addition to this, we pride ourselves on delivering compliant incident reporting processes and systems, which are required for the Professional Indemnity/ Medical Malpractice, Directors & Officers, Statutory Liability, Public Liability, Workers Compensation and Property & Business Interruption policies; that most aged care and allied health business require.

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The Aged Care and Allied Health industry is broad. For those in the ‘Aged Care Residential Operation’ area of this industry you may find valuable this year’s Insurance Risk Report, which includes a Hazard Index Rating and Class of Insurance Risk Summary.