Medical Trials & Medical Equipment

Do you undertake clinical trials? 

In the dynamic landscape of medical trials, where scientific advancement
meets ethical responsibility, the role of ethical leadership emerges as the
linchpin. Amidst the digital revolution and the ever-growing reliance on
algorithms and AI, one fundamental truth prevails: human analysis and integrity
remains irreplaceable. While technological advancements have undoubtedly
streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency, they also pose significant risk
management challenges, ranging from biases to fatigue and subjectivity in

We proactively and strategically identify risks given the inherently
complex, diverse variables and uncertainties that can impact the success or
failure of a trial. Our approach thoroughly analyses the trial’s scientific,
operational, financial, and ethical dimensions. 

Even with ethical leadership and good intentions, comprehensive safeguards,
and controls in place, the unforeseen can (and the ‘outraged critic’ can) still
financially and reputationally cripple a trial and sponsor. This is where
Clinical Trials Insurance provides a safety net and complies with regulatory

4Sight Risk Partners are specialists in Medical Trials; we seek a thorough
analysis of the trial’s scientific, scope, sponsorship basis, financial and operational
aspects.  With experience in both traditional and non-traditional

We have been able to source and negotiate multi-year, multi-trial, Clinical
trial insurance policies for clients.

Are you a medical equipment supplier?

Medical equipment suppliers, including robotic manufacturers, have a unique
and potentially costly liability environment in which to navigate.

This would include importers of medical equipment, as they are deemed as the
manufacturer under Australian consumer laws.

Does your Product Liability adequately cover the costs involved in defending
a Class Action, a potential appeal and the subsequent civil awards?

Does your policy pay for punitive fines & penalties?

Does your policy respond to the local laws of the jurisdictions where your
products are sold, distributed or used?

Most Product Liability Policies have an aggregate sum insured, so
manufacturers & importers need to ensure that the sum insured is adequate
to cover potential expensive litigation and increasing civil awards.

This policy limit also needs to consider the inflationary trends of time
between the date of the event(s) and the date of the completion of any appeal
process, which could be a decade or more; because it is the policy that is in
place at the time of the alleged issue that pays the quantum of the legal
process, compensatory awards and potentially punitive awards & fines.

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