Claims Procedure 

Industrial Special Risks/Commercial Package 
(Property and Business Interruption)  

If something happens to cause loss of or damage to your property:  

Take all necessary precautions to mitigate the loss.  

Call the police or other emergency services as required. Any loss by theft or wilful or malicious damage should immediately be reported to the nearest police station and details of the attending officer noted.  

If you suspect that the loss or damage may exceed the policy deductible, obtain all details you can  

  • of the incident;  
  • of the amount of loss;  
  • of any witnesses.  
  • Take pictures of all damage including path of damage  

Contact 4Sight Risk Partners immediately for advice and support on how we will handle the claim. 

We will complete claim forms and all relevant claims documentation as soon as possible after the occurrence whilst details of the incident is still fresh in the minds of all concerned.  

Public and Products Liability  

Under no circumstances must liability be admitted either verbally or in writing.  

Upon the happening of any incident likely to give rise to a claim, the following procedure should be implemented:  

All reasonable steps should be taken following an occurrence to protect the person or property from any further injury or damage.  

Obtain all details you can:  

  • of the incident;  
  • of the Third Party;  
  • of the witnesses.  
  • Including pictures  

In all cases, contact 4Sight Risk Partners immediately for further instructions.  

Do not give any interview or make any statement to a loss adjuster or other person investigating any accident of damage unless such person is acting on behalf of your Insurer or 4Sight Risk Partners.  

No correspondence should be entered into with a third party except acknowledgement of receipt of the claim. Please advise third party that you have passed on the claim to your business partner who managers your insurances.  

Forward all letters of demand, writs/summons to 4Sight Risk Partners immediately as you receive them.  

Motor Vehicle  

Damage to Insured’s Vehicle  

Report incident to 4Sight Risk Partners immediately and have the vehicle (if not drivable) taken to the nearest or your preferred repairer or place of safety. Complete the Accident Report Form and return to this office.  

Do not authorise repairs without the Insurer’s authority.  

Driver’s procedure at the scene of the accident:  

Comply with Police reporting requirements.  

If another vehicle is involved, obtain:  

  • The owner’s name, address and telephone number;  
  • The driver’s name and address;  
  • The make, type and registration number of the vehicle;  
  • The name and address of any witnesses.  
  • Take a picture of damage to vehicle/s 
  • Record the date, time and location of the collision.  

Your policy excess is usually paid by you to the repairer upon collection of the repaired vehicle. 

Professional Indemnity and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability  

An important feature of any Professional Indemnity and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability policy is the “claims made” basis of cover. Essentially these forms of cover require immediate notification of:  

  • A claim against an insured  
  • Any circumstances which may give rise to a claim under the policy  

If such circumstances are not reported to the Insurer prior to expiry of the period of insurance in which they become known, the Insurer is not bound to provide indemnity under the policy.  

In order to ensure that any entitlement to indemnity is preserved, your Insurer must be advised of any incident which may give rise to a claim immediately it comes to your attention and prior to the expiry date of the policy.  

Notification should be given to your 4Sight Risk Partners client contact who will then:  

  • Advise what action should be taken. 
  • Notify Insurers on your behalf.

All Other Claims  

Please contact 4Sight Risk Partners for further instruction  

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 0499 988 980 (for international +61 (0)499 988 980)