Consulting & Professions

Our consulting and professional clients have greater business confidence and improved risk appetite as we safeguard their reputation and help create a resilient and successful business.   

As leaders of risk management for this industry, we bring a deep understanding of industry trends through data and insights, as well as emerging technologies and geopolitical factors that may impact our clients.    

Through our 4Sight Risk Identification and Mitigation process (R&M) we identify emerging cyber risks, navigate compliance and regulatory environments, as well as the dynamic nature of our clients specialised knowledge (including advice and design). We also develop, through our R&M, detailed quantification methodology so specific business activities of our clients can be presented in factual underwriting presentations to insurers resulting in aligned insurance cover.     

We are experienced at providing diverse Professional Indemnity policies for our clients that appreciate the potential legal defence costs in event they experience a claim for financial loss, injury and / or damage arising from a breach (or an alleged breach) of professional duty. Such cover also extends to complaints under consumer legislation or other official/ regulatory body. Legal defence costs, despite claim size, can exceed business capabilities and cause major financial impairment. 

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The consulting and professions industry is broad. For those in the ‘Management Consulting Services’ area of this industry you may find valuable this year’s Insurance Risk Report, which includes a Hazard Index Rating and Class of Insurance Risk Summary.