Technology & FinTech 

Our Technology & FinTech clients have greater business confidence and improved risk appetite as we understand they are pioneers, disruptors, and innovators in the marketplace, who need mitigation strategies that set them up for growth or consolidation.    

We develop tailored insurance protection for our clients’ unique risks, accessing both local and international insurance solutions. This is achieved via our 4Sight Risk Identification and Mitigation process (R & M). Our R&M process includes review and investigation of contracts, identification of contingency plans, development of business continuity plans, and presenting of factual underwriting presentations to direct insurers and reinsurers. It also includes compliance with our clients licensing requirements.   

Our experience is vast as the nature of Fintech companies’ businesses differs extensively. We work with market leading online retailers, software & app developers, web and data hosting businesses, graphic & content designers, as well technologically based financial services providers.  

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The Technology and FinTech industry is broad. For those in the ‘Systems Analysis Service’ area of this industry you may find valuable this year’s Insurance Risk Report, which includes a Hazard Index Rating and Class of Insurance Risk Summary.