Financial Institutions & Wealth Management

Our financial clients have greater business confidence and improved risk appetite as we provide a forward-thinking holistic strategic approach, driven by extensive global industry experience and unique insights. This means our clients can focus and capitalise on opportunities, while their business remains protected.   

As leaders of risk management for this industry, we understand the volatility and interconnectedness of global financial markets and risk adaptation needed by our clients. We support our clients through the industry complexities including consistent regulatory changes, identification of emerging cyber risks and rising compliance.  

We specialise in robust cyber security measures, as well as the more traditional risks needed, such as Directors & Officers Liability, Professional Indemnity, Crime, Property and Third-Party Liability.  

Our trusted advice also extends to developing strategic business continuity plans that mitigate our client’s impact from business disruptions.

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The Financial Institution and Wealth Management industry is broad. For those in the ‘Financial Asset Broking Service’ area of this industry you may find valuable this year’s Insurance Risk Report, which includes a Hazard Index Rating and Class of Insurance Risk Summary.