Industrial Special Risks (ISR) 

Do you have a combined asset and gross profit sum insured of over $10m? 

If so, then a bespoke Industrial Special Risk (ISR) composite policy may be needed. Industrial Special Risk (ISR) insurance covers a business’s assets (excluding registered motor vehicles) as well as their business interruption loss e.g. profits, increased costs of working; etc. 

Industrial Special Risk (ISR) Insurance policies can cover multiple sites throughout the world, and will cover the normal risk perils of fire, flood, storm damage and accidental damage. As well as theft, money, mobile plant, and the financial impact to your business of a loss or damage to a supplier’s or customer’s premises. 

Business this is recommended for:  

Customised ISR policies are recommended for all businesses with declared values over $10m. Business with less than $10m qualify for the composite Business Pack policies.