Securing Benefits For Our Clients Through Their Risk Management.


In advocating for our clients, and embodying our values, our IQ-ARTA approach has led to significant immediate and strategic deliverables for our clients through their risk management.

We are proud to share that through our approach, deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, our team’s experience, and our partnerships, we recently secured the following deliverables for our clients.

  • Successful business interruption claim significantly exceeded client expectations
    (Global Hospitality Industry)

  • Saved 20% on business premiums and secured greater policy cover through
    better identification of processes
    (National Commercial Cleaner)

  • Obtained a business interruption claim payment from the temporary closure of Westfield Bondi Junction; after putting in place an insurance programme that aligned with our developed client’s risk profile

  • Reduced Professional Indemnity premiums on a 40% increased turnover
    (Property Consultancy)

Our 4Sight Risk Partner Values


We advocate for our clients through all challenges 


We look to create value for our client’s business and our community  


We draw on our global experience and knowledge to provide realistic and practical solutions 


We protect our partners
trust and enjoy our valued relationships  

Our clients’ benefits are the ultimate measure of our success, as evidenced by our enduring partnerships with them and our insurer partners. This week, we released the results of our annual Insurance Advisernet Client Survey. We are proud to share that our client satisfaction rate remains impressively high at 97%, and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) has reached a record +81 (up from +76), showcasing our clients’ continued trust in and approval of the advice we provide.

Reach out if you would like to explore opportunities to secure more benefits through your risk management.


4Sight Risk Partners helps secure benefits for businesses from risk management. Drawing on 75 years of global expertise in risk and insurance, we help businesses tackle uncertainties and seize opportunities with more confidence. We protect our clients, providing them with a strategic advantage from their qualified risk profiles and quantified risk appetite.    

Review our ‘IQ-ARTA’ Business Risk Framework and stay informed on news and legislative changes that could affect your business with our ‘Looking Forward’ quarterly update.

We welcome your call to discuss your unique business needs.

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